I love babies!

Hi, I'm Lisa

the founder and owner of Baby Octopi. My love for all things baby began long ago and turned in to a passion that led me to an education in child and youth care, a year long trip working in orphanages and hospitals in Ukraine and eventually to a career doing what I love in a pregnancy support centre. Now, with my husband by my side, I spend my days chasing after three little mamma's boys that I am blessed to call mine.

With much of my time focused on my growing family, I created Baby Octopi as a way to continue giving back to these incredible organizations, while making a way for moms, like myself, to provide their babies with quality products at an affordable price.

Helping your baby transition to life outside the womb...

As a mom of 3 young boys, I have grown to appreciate the people, places and things that bring comfort to my kids. As they grow, change and learn more every day, I continue to look for ways to support them through each transition. This octopus will be just one of the ways that you can settle your newborn during their first few months of life.

Every parent who has searched for that one precious soother or who has pried a special blanket away from their child just long enough to give it a quick wash knows the value of familiarity to little ones. Baby Octopi offers comfort to newborns by providing a tactile reminder of life inside the womb.
Each tentacle on the octopus is designed to mimic the shape and size of the life giving umbilical cord that surrounds every baby as they grow in utero. Holding this adorable octopus close to your newborn will bring comfort as they transition to life outside the womb.

With new feelings and faces, new sounds, temperatures and experiences, having something that reminds them of the life they've grown in to is a must have for every newborn.

Not to mention, the octopus is the only animal that has 3 hearts, so we like to think it has lots of extra love to give!