Baby Octopi Turns One

by Lisa Siemens May 15, 2018

Baby Octopi Turns One

May 15, 2018 marks Baby Octopi's one year anniversary! Lately I have found myself reflecting so much on my journey to entrepreneurship. Over the past year I have surpassed goals, cried through disapointments and grown in a way I never expected.
I have also been challenged, encouraged and supported along the way by a group of amazing women who have become role models for me in the way they run their businesses, raise their babies and absolutely nail the #bossmom life with grace and style. So read along with me to hear about my favourite product from each shop and how the team behind each one has inspired me over the past year!

Baby Octopi

The OVer Company

I first got a glimpse in to Sabrina's heart several years ago when I reached out to her about a fundraiser I was hosting for the pregnancy support centre I worked at. Sabrina took it one step further and offered to donate OVer Covers to each of the young mamma's living at the centre. Not only that, but she brought treats, and shared her heart, her time and her love with each of the young women and their babies that day!

At that time, Baby Octopi was just a dream and her words were exactly what I needed to hear to take the next step forward. From that day on, I began following (okay, stalking) the OVer Company eagerly anticipating what was coming next and they have not disappointed yet! The OVer company began with a brilliant idea, but has grown through the hard work and commitment that Sabrina and Michael put in to all that they do. They have supported Baby Octopi since the very beginning in the most practical ways and their encouragement constantly moves me to do more! In case you are living under a rock and haven't heard of this incredible company, they created the multi functional car seat / nursing/ shopping cart cover that has become a must have for every new mom!

My first purchase was the Blue Jay stripe OVer (which is no longer available, but there is a gorgeous new blue and white stripe that you'll love!). I also bought the Swiss cross OVer so that I had a back up when  one was in the wash - I literally couldn't go a day without it for Lincoln's first year of life. When they launched their reversible swaddle blankets I picked up the large Rhodes swaddle for my boy and I can't even tell you which product I love most because they are all SO good!

The OVer Company ships all over the world, they have a store in London Ontario, they host my favourite event of the year and they give back to the NICU regularly! I adore everything about the OVer Company and know you will too!!

Baby Octopi

Wooly Doodle

I was lucky enough to have a booth next to Wooly Doodle at the Modern Mom Show in November and found myself spending every spare minute swooning over her display and the clothes that I couldn't stop touching! I actually got so excited and 'fangirl' that I knocked over different parts of her display at least 3 times throughout the weekend!! I bought the womens lounge shirt when Eric wasn't looking and my addiction began.

The incredibly soft fabric and perfect fit made this shirt a fast favourite for me. The quality was outstanding and her attention to detail is impeccable. Since then, I have ordered so much more for both Linc and myself and every thing that comes through her hands is equally as amazing. The incredible design of the childrens romper meant that it fit Linc for SO long and is just as stylish as it is comfortable.

Follow Elizabeth's stories on Instagram for an inside scoop in to the reality of being a mompreneur and always enough dancing, GIFS and honesty to bring joy to your day!

Baby Octopi

Os and Oakes

As a mom of 3 boys, I was hooked on Os and Oaks clothing, the minute I saw the their 'catch me if you can' shirts. It was as if I found my soul sister and a clothing designer that summed up my life in one adorable t-shirt.

Os and Oakes ethically produces all of their clothes right here in Ontario and the quality can not be matched.

Despite running a hugely successful company, Erika is always down to earth, looking gorgeous and never to busy for her boys!
My favourite product right now is definitely the kids 5 panel hat - we have the all black one, but there are a few amazing colour options to chose from!

Baby Octopi

The Mighty Company

When we launched Baby Octopi I began reaching out to different business owners in an effort to connect and enter in to the world of entrepreneurship. Rachel was the first person to respond genuinely with interest and willingness to offer support, even if there was nothing in it for her. Since then she has offered friendship, advice and helpful information that has stuck with me as I work hard to build a business as incredible as hers!

The Moccasins that she hand makes are the best quality, and when combined with the high end leather she carefully selects, the result is a product that you will love. Along with her husband Dan, they have created an amazing collection that includes modern wooden play gyms, shelves, and adorable leather bows and purses.

Baby Octopi

Stelly Handmade

Stelly Handmade is the absolute #goals for monochrome kids clothing. I am obsessed with the I AM line that they created, not only because of the modern and stylish design and amazing quality but because it speaks to the character of the kids wearing it.

Celebrating the uniqueness of my kids is so important to me and the idea that an article of clothing can paint a picture of my child, that others may not take the time to see, brings me so much joy. I spend a lot of time styling Lincoln (2), because he still lets me, but the Stelly Handmade rompers were so perfect for Hayden (7) and Bentley (5) that I couldn't resist and of course they love them as much as I do!

All of their clothes are handmade in Canada and I know you will love them as much as we do!

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Participating Shops:

You do not want to miss this one as my favourite five shops come together to celebrate Baby Octopi's One Year Anniversary!!

Lisa Siemens
Lisa Siemens


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